What is the Best Bean Bag Chair?

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Bean bag chairs are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their light and compact designs. They first came to prominence in the mid 1970s and were available at department stores to buy and use as a simple seating device. They were often made from good quality leather and were filled with styrofoam pellets. These days bean bag chairs are much more common and come in a wide range of styles and designs. Some are relatively cheap and others are far more expensive. Here is a look at some that are on offer today.

The intex bean less bag chair is a cheap and chearful model that comes in a range of bright colours. This model has no internal filling and requires the user to blow it up before use. Once this is done the bean bag becomes perfect for those that require a simple piece of furniture to sit on. These bean bags are incredibly bright and may not suit everyone’s taste. Grab one from amazon.com

The hi bagz gamer is a bean bag that has been designed for the young videogame player. It features a well designed back rest and a sophisticated shape that will stay comfortable for hours at a time. The design of this model resembles a cockpit chair from an airplane and comes in a selection of cool colours.
This design will be perfect for the young person who likes to relax for long periods of time and is available from amazon.com

The Mongolian jumbo bean bag is one of the more expensive models on the market and is designed for maximum comfort. The thick wooly material is extremely warm and surrounds whoever sits in it, keeping them warm and cozy. This would be perfect for those that work hard during the day and enjoy watching tv in a warm and simple way. This model is several times more expensive than most of the other bean bags on the market and can be purchased from rucomfybeanbags.co.uk

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What to Expect When You Start Using a Ball Chair

ball-chairOver the years, we get accustomed to sitting a certain way.  Typical chairs are designed with a back support.  Unless we’re super disciplined about our ergonomics, chances are likely that we’ll develop some bad sitting habits. Personally, I’m a recliner.  I like to lean back in my chair.  Unfortunately, what this does is puts a curve in my spine, particularly in the lumbar region.  When this curve is reinforced during my entire 8 hour working day, it has an effect that carries with you. Before I switched over to a yoga ball chair I had a noticeable curve in my spine.  One day I looked in the mirror from the side and was shocked.  I look like that!?  It was time to take the advice of a friend and check out these ball chairs (see prementioned article for more information).

At first, switching to a ball chair can be quite shocking.  Constantly having to sit in perfect posture really start to wake up those muscles that haven’t had to work over the years.  I was going home with major aches in muscles that I didn’t know existed.  Not fun.  I was taking 2-3 ibuprofen a day just to try to relax.  I read ball chair reviews and found out this was a common occurrence. My friend told me to stick it out.  Those muscles were getting stronger and toning.  After about a week things started to change.  I noticed that sitting up straight was actually more comfortable than reclining.  When in a recline, my back was curved and although it was easier to maintain, my spine didn’t like the pressure.

When I got accustomed to sitting up straight, my back didn’t have to work as much because the vertebrae were stacking up, providing the structural support. It’s been about a year since I switched over to using a yoga ball chair.  My core is much stronger than when I started.  I don’t have a six pack, that’s for sure, but I feel much more stable.  Even when I go to the gym, I’m able to do much more crunches than before. So for those that are frustrated with the initial discomfort of a ball chair, stick it out.

Things get better, much better.  If you’re looking for a chair that is easier on the transition, check out the Gaiam custom fit which is in my opinion the best ball chair.


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The Three Most Effective Ergonomic Chairs

adjustable furnitureIf you work the typical 40 hours a week, sitting in front of your computer, then you already know the importance of well built ergonomic furniture.  Long duration sitting has adverse effects on all the areas of your supportive structures, including the neck, back and hips.  Over time, the chances that you develop chronic pain issues or skeletal problems become almost certain, unless corrective and preventative measures are taken.  The most widely used method for preventing injury is ergonomics. Namely, setting up your desk, chair, and workstation in a manner that allows you to sit with good posture.  In this article, we review the three most effective ergonomic chairs for preventing back pain.


Ergonomic Chairs

The Kneeling Chair

The kneeling chair been around since the 1960s but have recently become popular in the last two decades.  It’s design was based upon prayer positions that monks use when sitting for long times in silence and meditation.  The key distinguishing feature of this ergonomic chair is the fact that it boasts a sloped seat.  The purpose of this is to give more room to the front of the hips.  In a typical seating configuration, these muscles are crammed together and start to become tight over time.  They are directly attached and connected to the spine.  When these muscles are cramped, then the back usually hurts.  The knee chair addresses this key concern in ergonomic furniture design.

The Ball Chair

The ball chair was adapted from the popular exercise equipment known as the Swiss ball or balance ball.  These are usually used for gym work outs and stability based exercises. Sitting on one of these chairs requires a bit of balance.  Balance is required in a 360 degree rotation in order to remain atop the ball.  The gentle activation of the core muscles helps the sitter to develop core muscles around the abs and lower back.  These muscles help ergonomically as they are the primary group involved in keeping proper posture.

The Mesh Task Chair

Mesh chairs are made from mesh polyester fabric.  They can be extremely comfortable due to the ability of the back rest to mold to the body’s natural curves.  Most of these products come with a variety of adjustments that will allow you to configure the furniture to meet the ergonomic specifications of your body.


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Be As Fit As A Fiddle With A Yoga Ball Chair

yellow ball chairGreat for those who spend a lot of their professional life sitting down, a yoga ball office chair works great wonders. Why settle for a few hours in the gym on an exercise ball? A yoga ball chair can be incorporated into your home and office life as it’s a flexible workout tool that is taking the world by storm. Available in a variety of measurements for different heights and weights, users have the choice of getting an balancing chair that is comfortable and enhances the core strengthening.

Many people get a yoga ball chair for many reasons. From improving the spinal alignment, burning more calories to reducing nerve compression, this ball chair is effective and ideal for daily mid-day workouts. Unlike a stable chair, the yoga ball chair wobbles causing your body to adjust with the slight movements while sitting.This process engages the core muscles to a low impact stretching routine. And the best thing of all, is that you get to have fun and hype doing your everyday duties at work.

A definite favorite for people who are into health and fitness, the chair is ergonomic and is manufactured with a base of wheels. This enables one to maneuver around easily and stay put in one place when you leave your work station. The exercise ball chair also comes with a small back that allows to sit back and relax or just have extra support.

While it will take time to adjust to sitting with great posture, this revolutionary product will give you the glam of looking fit and relaxed in no time. Moreover, the yoga ball chair comes at an affordable rate that ensures you get the best value for your money.

So what are you waiting for? Switch your normal chair with the yoga ball chair and let your life be transformed just by sitting! Now that’s great!


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Pros And Cons Of Kneeling Chairs

grey posture chairPoor sitting position have been identified as the major cause of low back and neck pain among many people suffering from these problems. Why strain if you can get comfort by choosing the right chair? A kneeling chair provides the body with a good posture and a good open angle by reducing the angle of the lower body and in turn keeping spinal cord in alignment with the task being performed. Through this the main objective of attaining comfort is always attained. These chairs were designed to reduce lower back strain by distributing the weight evenly between the knees and the buttocks. This strengthens the lower back muscles which ensure that the spinal cord is aligned to the task. The posture also ensures that the natural balance line is attained. This provides a solution to those with tailbone pain problem.

The kneeling chair can be purchased at online shops like Amazon.  They enable one to achieve active sitting which ensures that one can move from side to side, up and down n also up and down hence ensuring that forward tasks are performed with ease. Their forward kneeling position gives the human body the correct body posture. Back pain and neck pain problem are by big margin reduced making the chair the most appropriate for those whose duties demand that they seat for very long hours with less movement or even with a lot of movement forward.

The chairs has a thin support cushion and is form filed to provide the maximum level of comfort when in use. However the chair also have some cons. Fixed leg position reduces blood circulation to the legs of the user. Standing and seating on the chair may prove to be tiresome. The pros of the chairs are more that the cons making the chair the best for use. The best kneeling chair reviews can be found at kneelingofficechairs.com.


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